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About Us

EVERLAST AGRO – INDUSTRIAL COPORATION (“EVERLAST”) was conceptualized and incorporated on May 31, 1996 under SEC Registration No. AS096 – 005766 by the group of advancing poultry and piggery farm owners. The farm owners (“Everlast Group”) established the feedmill to support their farm growth, managed the input cost and maintain quality.


Everlast has maintained its goal of producing high quality feeds in as much as producing high quality eggs and meat. It strictly adheres to the rule of purchasing good quality micro and macro feed ingredients by making sure that all of these ingredients have gone through the analysis of their accredited feedmill laboratory personnel.


Everlast imbibes the principle of Kaizen or continuous improvement. Since they began their operations a lot of apparent changes happened in their process.


  1. Convert the machineries to automated ones and constructed three (3) additional state of the art warehouses.

  2. Built a computerized truck scale in 2008 for quality and quantity control purposes.

  3. Expand supplier options via importation of micro and macro raw materials from the US, Europe and Asian Countries. Everlast take advantage of the global economy to maintain quality and cost efficient production.

  4. Built a modern automated experimental farm situated in Duhatan, San Jose, Batangas with capacity of 48,000 heads replacement pullets. It is a project aimed to achieve maximum efficiency and improved quality of their pullets by modern farming. 

  5. Set up an experimental breeding farm in Duhatan to produce and supply high genetic piglets to Everlast members for farm expansions and to the member of Everlast Employee Multi-Purpose Cooperative by way of PAIWI program. This program aims to augment the quality of lives of employees and their families by having an extra income while working with Everlast.

  6. Upgrade the office building.

  7. Rethink the way of farming and feed milling. With the recent challenges on the industry, Everlast intends to manage its value chain, both the supply and demand side to ensure sustainable business.

  8. Everlast has recently acquired eleven (11) hectares lot in Camarin, San Jose Batangas and has constructed five (5) state of the art poultry buildings to produce more quality eggs.

  9. We are now gearing towards efficient production by applying good manufacturing practices to adopt global changes and competencies.

Everlast Group


From its humble beginnings and huge aspiration, Everlast Group now produces about 1,200,000 eggs a day. Majority are produced in by Virtucio Livestock Farm, Gemsun Marketing, Velasco Farm, LMV Farm, A&E Aguila Farm, Hajera Farm, McQuinly Poultry Farm, Hermaq Poultry Farm, F. Mercado Poultry Farm and L.E.A Poultry Farm.


They supply fresh eggs to some major egg users Goldilocks Bakeshop, Puregold, Robinsons and various supermarket and public markets in Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Metro Manila, Palawan, Cabanatuan, Mindoro, Baguio, Bicol and Visayas Region.


The group acquired the farming advancement and learned the marketing knowhow through the experience of its members like Gemsun Marketing and Velasco Farm, Additionally, the growth of second generations who are accomplished professionals in various fields agriculture, veterinary medicine, accountancy, management and information technology has put Everlast group ahead the industry challenge.



To be one of the leading feed producers in the country and be globally competitive.


As a growing corporation, Everlast envisioned itself to be the premiere feedmill in the country which is committed to serve its members and its community through its continuous and vigorous interaction with the poultry and livestock industry, acquiring new technologies and techniques in modern farming.



To provide affordable quality products with utmost service to satisfy customers and help improve the quality of life of the stockholders, employees and other stakeholders.


To fulfill its mission, the corporation continues to conduct studies and experimentations to formulate high quality yet affordable products. The corporation believes that the satisfaction of the customers is far more important than having higher paybacks. Aside from valuing its customers; Everlast is also committed in improving the lifestyle of those people behind its success. It provides different services and remuneration to their stockholders and employees. 

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